Chief Govt. Chemist

Dr.Fidelice M.S.Mafumiko
Chief Government Chemist (CGC)

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Welcome to GCLA

The Government Chemist Laboratory Authority is the “Legal Referral Laboratory”. Established under the Government Chemist Laboratory Authority Act,No.8,2016.GCLA Management headed by Chief Government Chemist(CGC) implements the Executive Board Directives by ensuring that the policies are carried out in an effective and efficient manner.Chief Government Chemist is assisted by Directors of departments,Zonal Managers and Head of Units. 

It was established in 1895 under the Ministry of Health during the Germany Colonial era as a centre of research for tropical diseases, particularly malaria and tuberculosis. In 1986 the Government Chemist Laboratory became one of the Departments of Ministry of Health. Prior to that time it was reporting to the Directorate of Hospital Services in the Ministry of Health.

The first Chief Government Chemist was Mr. Gustav Giemsa, a German, who developed a stain for identification of malaria parasites in the blood smear. This made it possible to perform malaria test

GCLA is located along Barack Obama Drive, previously known as Luthuli / Ocean Road, near Ocean Road Cancer Research Institute, Dar es Salaam. The GCLA also oversees the implementation of the Industrial and Consumer (Management and control) Act No 3 of 2003, Human DNA Act No. 8, 2009 and Government Chemist Laboratory Authority Act No.8, 2016.

Our Vision

To become a reputable world class analytical laboratory for executing health, social well-being and environmental interventions.

Our Mission

To provide quality and cost effective laboratory and regulatory services to the Government, Institutions, private sector and the general public for the purpose of safeguarding human health, environment and for execution of justice.