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To provide communication and public relations services and expertise to the Authority.

The Unit will perform the following activities:-

  •  Develop and implement Communication and Public relations Plan;
  •  Supervise coordination of broadcasting programs;
  • Coordinate preparation of press releases, speeches and articles;
  • Promote and advertise GCLA services to the public;
  • Manage and update GCLA website;
  • Coordinate participations in different events and exhibitions;
  • Coordinate preparation and production GCLA's calendars, articles, brochures, leaflets, customer information and Newsletters;
  • Coordinate management of customer complaints throughout the GCLA;
  • Prepare, implement and update public relation Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Coordinate customer care awareness or trainings;
  • Monitor advertisements and promotional activities; and
  • Review, advice and implement marketing plan and strategies for the Authority.

 The Unit will be led by a Head.


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