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This Section will perform the following activities:-

  • Coordinate matters related to finance, accounting and treasury management;
  • Establish and maintaining the Authority's books of accounts in accordance with existing standards;
  • Coordinate consolidation of the Authority monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and reports for internal and external auditing;
  • Ensure efficient monitoring of revenue collection and expenditure as per budgetary provisions and financial policies;
  • Develop and review financial regulations and accounting manuals and coordinate their implementation;
  • Ensure payroll, taxation and other statutory obligations are fully met;
  • Ensure financial transactions are posted to Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS), in order to obtain the Authority's monthly, quarterly and annual consolidated financial statements;
  • Monitor and control cash flow performance on matters related to financial investments and investment portfolio;
  • Prepare, implement and update Accounting and Finance Standard Operating Procedures; and
  • Participate in budget preparation.

This Section will be led by a Manager.

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