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The Section will perform the following activities:-

  • Analyse biological samples recovered from crime scenes;
  • Analyse biological specimens, clothing, handled items, stained objects and weapons for human identification with respect to murder, robbery and burglary cases;
  • Conduct Human DNA typing analysis for Victim Identification in case of mass disaster;
  • Conduct Human DNA typing analysis for the establishment of biological relationships in preventing human trafficking and illegal immigrants;
  • Conduct DNA typing analysis to determine dominant sex in case of sex ambiguity and biological relation using STRs makers prior to kidney transplant for medical cases;
  • Conduct specie identification analysis for non-human biological samples;
  • Conduct DNA typing analysis to establish parentage and kingship relationship;
  • Provide experts' testimony in a courts of law;
  • Stakeholder's sensitization on sample management and chain of custody;
  • Conduct research and consultancy services on all matters related to Forensic Biology and DNA Services;
  • Conduct biological and DNA testing on any matter of national or public interest;
  • Develop, validate and review laboratory methods;
  • Prepare, implement and review Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Carry out disposal of biological specimens and laboratorywastes;
  • Participate in Proficient Testing (PT) schemes to facilitate accreditation of laboratory methods;
  • Initiate and coordinate the establishment and management of the Human DNA database;
  • Coordinate genetic information and related sample for DNA data management from designated Human DNA laboratories through GCLA Zonal laboratories;
  • Coordinate submission and access of genetic information for DNA data management from designated Human DNA laboratories through GCLA Zonal laboratories;
  • Implement ratified international Conventions on forensic science;
  • Prepare guidelines on effective management and control of human genetic information and data management; and
  • Conduct special training on Human DNA sample and data management to designated Human DNA Laboratory Analysts.

This Section will be led by a Manager.

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