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The Section will perform the following activities:-

  • Conduct toxicological analysis in order to determine the presence or absence of poisons in foods, biological samples (i.e. urine, viscera (lung, kidney, blood, vomits, liver stomach content,intestines, spleen etc.), water, soil, plants, and air samples forcriminal and non-criminal cases;
  • Quantify the confirmed poisons or toxicants in foods, biological samples (i.e. urine, viscera (lung, kidney, blood, vomits, liver stomach content, intestines, spleen etc.), water, soil, plants, andair samples for criminal and non-criminal cases;
  • Interpret the toxicological results to determine the cause of harm or death;
  • Conduct alcohol analysis in biological specimens in order to determine whether an individual was under the influence of alcohol at the time of an incident and whether such a
  • concentration might explain the behaviour of that person;
  • Conduct research and advisory services on any matter related to toxicology;
  • Testify as expert witness in the court of law;
  • Sensitize stakeholders on toxicological sampling techniques and sample management;
  • Conduct toxicological analysis on any matter of national or public interest;
  • Develop, validate and review laboratory methods;
  • Prepare, implement and review Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Carry out disposal of biological specimens and laboratory wastes; and
  • Participate m Proficient Testing (PT) schemes to facilitateaccreditation of laboratory methods.

This Section will be led by a Manager.

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