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Zone Offices will perform the following activities:-

  • Advise Chief Government Chemist on all administrative matters of the zone operation;
  • Develop and implement laboratory analysis guidelines, rules and procedures;
  • Overall supervisor of laboratory analysis of various samples in the zone; Supervise response to complaints on issues of public interest related to zonal functions;
  • Coordinate activities related to crime scene exhibit/sample collection, ensure adherence to the chain of custody and supervise laboratory analysis for samples/exhibits submitted by law enforcement agencies;
  • Supervise implementation of GCLA Act. No.9 of 2016; Human DNA Regulation Act Cap. 73; the Industrial and Consumer Chemicals (Management and Control) Act, CAP 182 and their corresponding Regulations;
  • Provide technical response to public complaints on issues related to laboratory analysis/examination of samples, management of chemicals and chemical laboratories;
  • Ensure maintenance, service and calibration of Zonal Laboratory equipment;
  • Process and recommend for registration of chemical, forensic science and Human DNA laboratories; and chemical dealers;
  • Supervise inspection and monitoring of compliance of chemical dealers; chemical, forensic and Human DNA laboratories as provided by legislations that are implemented by the Authority.
  • Assess zonal risks, analysis and implement mitigation measures accordingly;
  • Review and approve technical reports, certificate of analysis, consultancy reports, research and ensure that quality standards and efficiency are met;
  • Conduct sensitization to stakeholders on Forensic and Human DNA Laboratories, chemical laboratories and chemical dealers;
  • Maintain compliance to Quality Management System and Laboratory accreditation requirements;
  • Develop, review and implement awareness and outreach
  • programs to stakeholders related to functions of the zone;
  • Coordinate preparation and implementation of zonal plans and budget;
  • Supervise implementation of manuals and leaflets on prevention, treatment and management of various poisoning cases;
  • Provide information and advice concerning the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of poisoning, as well as toxicity of chemicals and the risks they pose;
  • Oversee identification and evaluation of toxic risks existing m the community and alert the appropriate health and other authorities to take necessary and regulatory measures; and (xx) Undertake support functions.

Zone Office will be led by a Manager.

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