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Government Chemist Laboratory Members and its Commitees is composed of the Chairperson who is appointed by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania and members appointed by Minister of Health. The tenue of office for members of the Board is three years renewable once pending succsessful performance. The current Board Members are:-

Names Highest Academic Qualification Position
Prof. Esther Hellen Jason PhD (Chemistry) Chairperson
Dr Eda M. A Vuhahula PhD Pathology Member
Mr Nicodemu Chuwa Masters of Law(LLM) Member
MS Zubeda Mohamed Salum   Member
Dr Robert Michael Malima Masters in Public Health(MPH Member
Mr Melchiory Pascal Mmbaji Masters Business Administration(MBA) Member
Dr Basilus Basili Kilowoko PhD (Pharmacy) Member
Dr Grace A Kinunda PhD(Chemistry) Member
Dr Fidelice M.S Mafumiko PhD(Education Science) Secretary





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