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Human Resource Management and Administration Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

  • Implement Human Resources Policies and Strategies;
  • Assist in interpretation and implementation of Public Service Acts, Executive Agencies Act and their regulations; Standing Orders and Labour Laws;
  • Administer Employees relations and welfare including Health Safety, Pension, Sports and culture;
  • Coordinate and supervise Registry, Office Records and managerial and courier services
  • Administer security services, transport and general utility;
  • General custodian of services to including maintenance of officeequipment, buildings and grounds;
  • Implement cross cutting issues including, Gender, Anti┬¡ Corruption, Ethics, disability, HIV-AIDS and other related matters;
  • Coordinate and Supervise implementation of Private Sector Participation in the Authority;
  • Coordinate and supervise matters related to Workers participation in the Authority;
  • Facilitate Human Resource Training and Development;
  • Prepare and implement Human Resource Planning;
  • Administer salary and payroll; and
  • Prepare Annual Personal Emoluments (PE) Planning and Budgeting.

This Section will be led by a Manager.

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