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To provide expertise and services in Information and Communication Technology as well as statistics to the Authority.
The Unit will perform the following activities:-

  • Advise Chief Government Chemist on all matters related to Information and Communication Technology including Network administration, Database Administration and SystemsDevelopment;
  •  Administer Network;  Plan for current and future network, database and systems development needs;
  • Manage data backups, storage and recovery during development, implementation and periodical testing;
  • Manage installation, configuration, upgrade, and migration of thedatabase software and related new releases, patches and migrating data from old Servers to the new one;
  •  Approve implementation of configuration changes to local and wide area networks;
  •  Prepare and direct ICT policy and plans strategy development related to Network Infrastructure;
  • Provide technical oversight and guidance for all data centre systems and infrastructure;
  • Facilitate IT related knowledge dissemination to members of staff;
  • Assist in the design and integration of systems, and ensure compatibility with existing systems and network infrastructure;
  • Manage configuration change management process and outage notification and reporting;
  • Develop tools and methods for convenient data access, statistics and reporting;
  • Facilitate collection, analysis collation and report on Authority's statistics;
  • Coordinate data collection and analysis and compile corresponding statistics of the sector
  • Manage and enforce ICT security documentation and implementation;
  • Analyses and interpret statistical data in order to identify significance in relation to sources of information; and
  • Custodian of Authority's data.

This Unit will be led by a Head.

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