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To provide legal services and expertise to the Authority.

The Unit will perform the following activities:-

  • Advise Chief Government Chemist on all legal matters;
  • (Provide legal advice and assistance to the management and the Board on interpretation of laws, terms of contracts, terms of agreements, procurement contracts, guarantees, letters of undertaking, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), consultancy agreements, other type of agreements and other legal documents;
  •  Review and develop the GCLA legal procedures and recommend areas for improvements; 
  • Review legal reports and opinions on matters involving the GCLA claims for presentation to the Board of Directors and Management meetings;
  • Ensure compliance to statutory and other regulations requirements;
  • Participate in various negotiations and meetings that call for legal expertise;
  • Liaise with the Office of Attorney General on litigation of civil cases, criminal and other claims involving GCLA;
  • Secure and keep in custody of all legal documents for GCLA;
  • Prepare and review various legal instruments such as orders, notices, certificates, agreements and transfer deeds; and
  • Facilitate expert witness in court sessions.

This Unit will be led by a Head.

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