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To provide expertise and services in procurement and supply to the Authority.
The Unit will perform the following activities:-

  • Advise Chief Government Chemist on all matters related to Procurement Services in compliance with Public Procurement Act┬À
  • Procure, maintain and manage supplies and services to support operations of GCLA;
  • Coordinate the process for requisition of all supplies needed for GCLA operations including laboratory equipment and instruments; reagents, office supplies and services;
  •  Develop, review and implement corporate annual procurement plan;
  • Maintain and update inventory of assets and supplies;
  •  Perform secretariat duties of the Tender Board; Carry out post award activities of establishing legality of renderers and contractors;
  • Prepare periodic reports including General Procurement Notice and Tender award notice;
  • Carry out procurement process according to governing policies, guidelines and procedures;
  • Oversee compliance to the procurement contracts legal requirements;
  • Prepare, implement and update Planning Standard Operating Procedures; and
  •  Oversee contracts execution and management.

      The Unit will be led by a Head.

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