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To provide expertise in implementing the standards and management of risks.

The Unit will perform the following activities:-

  •  Advise Chief Government Chemist on all matters related to Quality Assurance and management of risks and its internal controls;
  • Implement Quality Management System and laboratory accreditation requirements;
  • Coordinate and conduct internal and external quality audits;
  • Coordinate periodic quality management reviews;
  •  Manage quality management system documentation;
  • Coordinate reviews and updates of quality control procedures based on new developments in the field;
  • Coordinate quality management activities that include planning, quality assurance, quality control, performance monitoring, training and continual improvement;
  • Monitor and review compliance with national and international standards and legislation;
  • Support development, implementation, approval and keep in
  • custody the GCLA standard Operating Procedures; Coordinate proficiency testing programs and accreditation processes in the GCLA Laboratories;
  • Design and implement an overall risk management process for the Authority, which includes an analysis of the financial impact when risks occur;
  • Evaluate Authority's previous handling of risks, and comparing potential risks with criteria set out by the Authority such as costs and legal requirements;
  • Establish, maintain and update risk register;
  • Establish and implementing risk management plans to mitigate Authority's risks;
  • Build risk awareness amongst staff by providing support and training within the Authority;
  • Coordinate incorporation of Risk Management activities into other operational processes including Strategic planning, annual planning and budgeting; and
  • Prepare, implement and update risk audit Standard Operating Procedures


The Unit will be led by a Head.


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