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The Government Chemist Laboratory Authority (GCLA) was established under Government Chemist Laboratory Authority Act No. 8 of 2016. In addition to other functions, the GCLA Act establishes the Authority as the supreme and referral laboratory on all matters related to forensic science and DNA services, product quality and chemicals management. The Government Chemist Laboratory Authority has gone through several transformations from being a Department in the Ministry, an Agency between 1999 - 2017 and an Authority from s" April, 2017 to date. Historically, it started as a Centre for conducting researches in tropical diseases to a National Laboratory in 1895 during German colony. In the early time of its establishment, the Laboratory was within the Chief Secretary office, and there after transferred to the Ministry of Health after the First World War in 1947. The laboratory was then transferred to Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources between 1947 - 1957, and from 1958 to date the laboratory is within the Ministry responsible for Health. The GCLA being an Authority has enhanced smooth operations of its functions, realization of its objectives, and attainment of its vision and hence, complement to the Government efforts in improving the wellbeing of its people and the environment.


The functions of the Government Chemist Laboratory Authority are as provided under the Government Chemist Laboratory Authority Act No. 8 of 2016. These functions are:

  • To conduct research activities, laboratory analysis and advise the Government on matters relating to forensic toxicology, forensic biology, DNA, illicit drugs, forensic chemistry, food, drugs, occupational health, industrial chemicals and products and environmental samples for executing health, legal, social well┬¡ being and environmental interventions;
  • To provide, manage and regulate operation of the National DNA Database in accordance with the Human DNA Regulation Act, or any other written laws;
  • To coordinate national chemical management programmes, forensic science and Human DNA services;
  • To manage National Poison Control Centre;
  • To regulate and conduct training and outreach programmes on matters related to chemicals management, Human DNA services and any other matters regulated by this Act;
  • To develop and provide guidance, instructions, opportunity,coaching and mentor scientists within and beyond functional expertise in functions of the Authority;
  • To collect, identify and analyse scientific evidence pertaining to legal matters;
  • To register, suspend or cancel chemical, Forensic Science and Human DNA Laboratory;
  • To register, suspend or cancel Industrial chemical, consumer chemicals or chemicals dealers;
  • To cancel research permit or license for DNA;
  • To condemn and ordered instruction or disposal of articles, chemicals and chemical products;
  • To advise the Minister on the appointment of inspectors, sampling officers and Government Laboratory Analysts;
  • To take samples for laboratory testing;
  • To call upon and make laboratory analysis on any matter of national or public interest to which Forensic science, Product quality or Chemicals management may require;
  • To conduct inspection for premises or services regulated by the Authority; and
  • To perform any other functions as the Minister may assign.










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