Welcome to the Government Chemist Laboratory Authority (GCLA),your number one centre for laboratory analysis of samples/exhibits related to Forensic Sciences in order to facilitate forensic investigations and hence assurance of justice and rule of law,Read More>>


  • Vision

To become a reputable world class analytical laboratory for executing health, social well-being and environmental interventions.

  • Mission

To provide quality and cost effective laboratory and regulatory services to the Government, Institutions, private sector and the general public for the purpose of safeguarding human health, environment and for execution of justice.


In pursuit of provision of quality services we shall be guided by the seven core values, which are:

  • Quality Service Delivery - We believe in excellent service deliveryand customer satisfaction. We will employ resources at our disposal
    in the pursuit of professional and quality service delivery. We will remain responsive to client's needs and demands. GCLA's name in the market will be synonymous with quality, responsiveness and excellence.
  • Professionalism - We believe in excellence and professionalism in our endeavour to serve and preserve life.
  • Accountability - We believe in being responsible and accountable for our actions while discharging our functions. The Authority embraces the responsibility with which it is charged by the Government. In carrying out its mission, GCLA employees are accountable to the public and take responsibility for archiving Government Chemist Laboratory Authority goals.
  • Team Spirit - We believe in team spirit that shall sustain efficiency and effective service delivery. Individual contribution in a team will be highly encouraged and valued. Teams will be constituted at different managerial and scientific levels of hierarchy. In this case, we will collaborate with colleagues, partners, while respecting diverse opinions and backgrounds vigorously debating on alternatives, and finally coming together to achieve the best solutions to run this Government Laboratory
  • Diversity - We believe in diversity. Our policies will reflect belief of equality and equity in offering conducive environment for individuals of different cultural backgrounds, education, and qender, to work in their professions and achieve job satisfaction.
  • Transparency - We believe in sharing information both within and outside the organization. We will endeavour to recognize participatory decision-making. We will communicate with our customers and stakeholders in a proactive and responsive manner
  • Loyalty to Government - We shall be loyal to the duly constituted Government of the day and therefore implement policies and lawful instructions given by the Minister and other Government leaders.
  • Integrity - As an Authority entrusted with regulating forensic science, DNA services and registration of chemicals, dealers and laboratories, each member of the Authority has a responsibility to demonstrate the highest ethical standards to inspire confidence and trust.


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