Chief Govt. Chemist

Dr. Fidelice M.S. Mafumiko


Welcome to the Government Chemist Laboratory Authority (GCLA), your number one centre for laboratory analysis of samples/exhibits related to Forensic Sciences in order to facilitate forensic investigations and hence assurance of justice and rule of law, samples related to agricultural and industrial produce to ascertain safety and quality, samples related to paternity or sex identification in order to address society concerns and samples related to environmental and occupational health for the protection of health and the environment.

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GCLA Members of Management

Dr.Fidelice M.S.Mafumiko

Chief Government Chemist/CEO




Mr. Sabanitho Mtega

Director - Product Quality Services Department



Mr. Daniel Ndiyo

Acting Director - Chemicals Management Department



Mr. David Elias

Acting Director - Forensic Science and DNA Services Department



Ms. Evaclotida Kapinga

Director - Business Development Department


Mr. Christopher Anyango

Manager - Northern Zone Laboratory



Mr. Boniventure Masambu

Manager - Lake Zone Laboratory


Mr. Danstan Mkapa

Acting Manager - Eastern Zone Laboratory


Mr. Gaspar Mushi

Acting Manager - Southern Highland Zone Laboratory



Mr. Eliamini Mkenga

Acting Manager - Southern Zone Laboratory



Mr. Musa Kuzumila

Acting Manager - Central Zone Laboratory

Our Vision

To become a reputable world class analytical laboratory for executing health, social well-being and environmental interventions.

Our Mission

To provide quality and cost effective laboratory and regulatory services to the Government, Institutions, private sector and the general public for the purpose of safeguarding human health, environment and for execution of justice.