Chief Govt. Chemist

Dr. Fidelice M.S. Mafumiko


Welcome to the Government Chemist Laboratory Authority (GCLA), your number one centre for laboratory analysis of samples/exhibits related to Forensic Sciences in order to facilitate forensic investigations and hence assurance of justice and rule of law, samples related to agricultural and industrial produce to ascertain safety and quality, samples related to paternity or sex identification in order to address society concerns and samples related to environmental and occupational health for the protection of health and the environment.

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Forensic Science and DNA Services

Department has the following sections

  • Forensic biology
  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Toxicology

Functions of the Department

  • To provide analytical services
  • To provide scientific advice and consultancy
  • To conduct research activity


Activities of the Forensic services

Department has the following activities:

  • Ammunition and weapon related analysis and evaluation
  • Rape cases
  • Fraund cases (forgery)
  • Explosive and explosions related analysis and evaluation-
  • Arson and cause of fire
  • Controlled substances analysis and evaluation
  • Dangerous or unlawful drugs
  • Controlled substances
  • Use of drugs of abuse, urine sample suffices
  • Toxicology and poisons
  • Post morterm
  • Food poisoning
  • Determination of the origin and unknown individual with biological sample (hair, blood, bone, etc)
  • Screening of drug of abuse in person for drugs and alcohol use
  • To conduct training in proper sampling handling and storage of toxicology and forensic samples.


Some samples analyzed in the Department:

  • Drug of abuse
  • Ammunition and weapons samples
  • Illicit alcohol
  • Urine and blood
  • Biological specimen ( e.g. hair, bones, etc)
  • Toxicological samples
  • Stain samples (e.g. in clothes, stones, sticks etc)
  • Arson
  • Fraud samples (forgery)

Advantages of utilizing the services:

  • To establish the cause of event (e.g. fire, death or illness)
  • To provide expert advice and opinion to matters related to forensic and investigation
  • To provide statistical data related to criminal investigation
  • Enhance fair justice to society.

Staff and equiment

  • Department has highly qualified and experienced personnel in Forensic Biology, Chemistry and Toxicology
  • Department has modern analytical equipment and instruments.
Our Vision

To become a reputable world class analytical laboratory for executing health, social well-being and environmental interventions.

Our Mission

To provide quality and cost effective laboratory and regulatory services to the Government, Institutions, private sector and the general public for the purpose of safeguarding human health, environment and for execution of justice.